Women In-POWERment Program 

Are you ready for a personal and professional transformation?

Are you seeking a network of professional women to share your journey with?

Are you keen to make a few changes to reset your goals strategy and discover more about who you really are and what you really want?

Are you wanting to break down your barriers to show up as your best self?

Are you ready to get real?

This 8-week program is for people who want to find their true selves and turn up their volume!! 

Dive Deeper, Reach Higher

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Women In-POWERment is a personalised and engaging program designed to elevate senior leaders, from the inside out, to create the impetus for a thriving future. This program series invites the participants to go on a journey of self-discovery in order to strengthen their leadership skills and step into their power.

The program is a transformational experience that takes the selected participants on a journey of discovery, both of themselves, their leadership styles, and their goals to unleash their ultimate power

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Here's what you will get:

  • drive clarity, creativity and competitive edge to deliver bigger results
  • create self awareness, explore values & direction to discover your passion
  • develop meaningful and purposeful goals
  • enhance your self worth and increase your visibility at work
  • accelerate your career growth
  • recharge your mind and create deeper focus for higher productivity
  • prevent burnout and exhaustion
  • strengthen your emotional intelligence for greater impact face your imposter and win
  • boost your brain for higher cognitive function
  • tap into your compassion and empathy and become a conscious leader
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Who should attend


C-Suite Executives

Why Participate in the WIP Program


  • Become a leading participant in the movement towards the growth of women leaders in the MEA region


  • Take action in growing and developing yourself for increased productivity and bottom-line results


  • Redefine your career objectives through becoming a better, stronger, more confident and diverse you keeping you at the top of your game


  • Support future female leaders by becoming a leading example of the importance of leadership diversity


  • Join a network of likeminded women for ongoing support, shared ideas and connection


Together We Thrive!


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